House in Asomatos
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rural surroundings with a magnificent panoramic view of the bay of Plakias with breathtaking sunset, surrounded by mountains of southern Crete

Asomatos is a small village of about 150 permanent citizens and is about 27 km far away from the city of Rethymnon, southern of the Rethymnon county and belongs to St. Vasileios Municipal.
The villa has about 200 m2 of living space, built in a 10000 m2 plot, with hundreds of olive and fruit trees and other vegetation. No other buildings exist for about 300 meters. ? car is essential.

Rethymnon, a city of approximately 40,000 people, is the capital of Rethymnon Prefecture in the island of Crete, Greece. It was built in antiquity ancient Rhithymna and Arsinoe, even though it has never been a competitive Minoan center. It was, however, strong enough to mint its own coins and maintain a mild urban growth. One of these coins is today depicted as the crest of the town with two dolphins in a circle.