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Discover the biggest island in Greece and the fifth in the Mediteranean.
With 257 kilometers lenght and 1046 kilometers shores, it's certain that in this sight you will find information about some villages or beaches you 've never been, even if you have visited Crete many times.

It's important to say that on the 2000 metres hight mountains of Crete, there are dozens villages which are hanging from the steep hill-sides.
The history of Crete is quiet long, from the years of Deus, until the days of Minoas with Knossos and the Minotaur. From the medieval and the years of the Venetian domination up to the resistance against the Turkish occupancy and the latest years with the second world war and the "battle of Crete". The statues, are everywhere in the island and there are plenty archeological places, for someone to visit.
At this moment Crete is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe with a number of arrivals beyong 3.000.000 people, due to the rare and wild beauty

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Triopetra is located at the south coast of Crete, at a distance of 47 Km away from the town of Rethymno. The beach is about 3 Km long with sandy beach, ideal for people who like to relax and enjoy the pure nature and the crystal clear sea water. There is a yoga team acting at the area.

At a close distance there is the Preveli beach and monastery, Plakias, Agia Galini, Agios Pavlos, Ligres and Agia Fotini.

Triopetra beach has some taverns to eat cretan food and a few rental rooms. The place is ideal to relax.


Leisure activities in the area

  • Sea/Beach
  • Fishing
  • Restaurants

Leisure activities offered a greater distance away

  • Diving
  • Water skiing
  • Mountain climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Galleries / Museum
  • Shopping