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Flat in Porec

Our private, 4000sqm green outdoor area is fenced in with a wall and offers privacy for residents and security for pets.

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Porec is a city of true hospitality with a long tradition of tourism. It is located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula along the clear blue sea where the beautiful beaches will surely sweeten your summer days. The old historical city center tells of a tumultuous past and of great civilizations that have left their mark. This city of sports and cultural heritage is full of vegetation. The entire old town of Porec is marked by the influence of great civilizations. A stroll through the city’s centuries-old streets will lead you to Trg Marafor, the site of the Forum in the ancient world. Some of the original pavement has been preserved to this day. Some of the houses on the square lack a foundation as they were erected directly on the pavement of the forum. The main street of Porec, the Decumanus dates back to the time when Porec was a prehistoric harbor.