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Kenya - Experience for those who would hotels but still prefer
to do without want that touch of European luxury.

The Villa and the Guesthouse with the Chalets are located at Diani Beach no 300 meters from the beach,in an exclusive closed compound made up of 12 villas,on an overgrown tropical enclosure, surrounded by a hedge of colored blossoming bougainvillea. Fruits such as Paw Paw, bananas, sugarcane, coconuts etc. grow directly in our garden and birds do the singing all day long.

Surrounded by like-minded, nature loving neighbors and only a few walk minutes, you'll reach the fine sandy palm beach with the off-shore reef and clean water, a guarantee of a pleasurable swim.

Wherever you are in Kenya, the African starry sky is always rewarding.
It is a special experience to sit by the sea at night and watch the stars.

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Under a very social and warm population of kenyan and a fascinating culture, you will get to know, wild animals, a very large selection of birds, jungle and savanne, desert and oases, gigantic parks and never ending white sanded beaches, mountains such as Kilimanjaro or the great rift valley, the yearly immigration of millions of wild animals and the largest flamingo colony in the world at the lake Nakuru.
We are of course ready to help you in organizing these special programmes, that offer you innumerable possibilites to get to know all the conceivable sides of this country.
E.g. experience the attraction of Kenya, on a safari at the Masai Mara, mountain climbing on the Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro, take a walk along the streets of Lamu Island with its arabian coloured past, the picturesque port of Mombasa or in the lively capital city of Nairobi with its famous skyline. A wide range of water sports are also available including high salt-water fishing, hilly landscope or sandy beaches

View at Diani Beach

View at Diani Beach

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Leisure activities in the area

  • Golf course
  • Tennis court
  • Sea/Beach
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Surfing